Nevada secession move fizzling out

Nevada state capitol in Carson City, Nevada

By Bert Eljera

LAS VEGAS – With just 13 days left to gather 25,000 signatures and compel a White House response, the petition to have Nevada secede from the Union appears to be fizzling out.

As of  Tuesday, Nov. 27, the petition has accrued 10,559 signatures and needs to gather 14,441 more by Dec. 10, to meet the threshold and get a response.

The petition, started by a Cody D. (no last name given) of  Sparks, Nev., was posted on the White House website, We The People, on Nov. 10, four days after President Obama was re-elected to office.

All 50 states have signed petitions to secede from the United States, but only seven have so far gathered the required number of signatures to merit a response.

These are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas .

Texas has gathered the most signatures, but residents of at least three cities – Austin, Houston and San Antonio – have signed petitions to secede from Texas if the state pursues its plan to break away.

It is noteworthy that a petition to deport all those who signed the secession petition has gathered 25,532 signatures, much more than the majority of the states that have withdrawal petitions.

A petition to strip the citizenship of those who sign a secession petition has gathered 15,231 signatures as of Nov. 27.

With a vibrant secessionist movement, Texas continues to show the way in the number of people eager to have it their own way, and follow San Houston’s exhortation that “Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations.”

The state has gathered more than 120,000 signatures so far, outpacing the other states by a large margin.

What the White House will do with the petitions remains to be seen – and how the signatories would pursue the withdrawal movement.

Writing for the Boston globe, Farah Stockman pointed to the irony of some Texas cities threatening to secede themselves.

“That’s the funny thing about walking out on a committed relationship,” she wrote. “Once you do it, it’s that much easier for others to walk out on you.”


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