A September to remember (Part 2)

Banner announces the ukay-ukay at the Tilang

By Bert Eljera

LAS VEGAS – Working through some unexpected glitches, such as change of the dates and government red tape, the Borongan Historical & Cultural Society grand ukay-ukay, or bazaar, finally got going on Sept. 3.

It was a day earlier than planned – and the day started rather ominously with a drizzle that threatened to become a heavy downpour.

With the Tilang, which has been notorious through the years for inviting heavy rains, as the venue, and the big tent to shelter the merchandise late in coming, the day did not look very promising.

Shoes were a big hit at the ukay-ukay

But there was palpable enthusiasm for the red-shirted volunteers, a small army of friends and relatives, really, and the goods were soon gobbled up by eager buyers.

Ladies in red, from left, Lilia Amasa, Maria Paz Picardal, Dr. Nimfa R. Aguila and Christie Anacta

At the end of the day, our money guy, Noel Baquilod, and his assistants, including Maria Paz Picardal, said we raised more than P60,000.

Big sellers were shoes, bags, fashion jewelry, cosmetics, and of course, clothes, for men and women. Both new and used items were bought readily by customers eager to buy imported products.

Ida Lazana Hoffman (in sunglasses) and her friends were volunteers and customers.

Equally selling well were raffle tickets, ably marketed by Amy Abenis Solidon. The prizes were high-end: 3 laptop HP computers and 2 Michael Kors wrist watches, all donated by Dr. Nimfa R. Aguila.

The prizes were to be raffled off at the end of the ukay-ukay on Sept. 5. But that would be going ahead of our story.

Members of Class ’70, which provided the P7,500 second prize for the photo contest, graced the ukay-ukay. They are shown from left, Juanit Dorado, Irma Baquilod, Christie Anacta, Eppie Montances, and Leo Montes, shown between Class ’68’s Noel Baquilod (to his right) and Bert Eljera.




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