A Pacquiao-Marquez 4?

By Bert Eljera

Manny Pacquiao at the press conference following his majority decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez

LAS VEGAS – A fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. can wait. Now they’re talking of a fourth Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez bout.

They’re calling it, Trilogy Plus 1. Really?


“I’m bound and determined to find a definitive winner from these two,” said Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum. “If we can get both fighters to agree, we’ll put it on May 5.”

In a majority decision that drew lusty boos and jeers from the 16,368 fight fans at the MGM Grand, Pacquiao retained his WBO welterweight title Saturday night. He won on the scorecards of two judges and the third called it a draw.

Pacquiao said he won “clearly.” Marquez said he was “robbed.” Arum, the moneyman, said, “let’s do it again.”

Now, it seems, before Pacquiao can attend to the business of Mayweather, he has to dispense this irritating matter of failing to dispose off Marquez.

The Mexican has not only gotten Pacquiao’s goat with his claims that he won all three of their fights, he seems to have the goods to beat the Filipino pound-for-pound champion – or at least give him fits.

Saturday night, Pacquiao was reduced to a frustrated, inefficient boxer chasing a heady fighter who answered with accurate combinations once he waded in.

Gone were the fast hands and excellent footwork that mesmerized opponents and the watching public. He won in the later rounds against Marquez after reverting to the brawling, attacking pug he used to be.

Marquez didn’t do much either to initiate contact. His wait-and-see, conservative strategy may have been dictated by the mistaken notion by his corner that he was winning the fight.

Boxing experts said Marquez may not have lost the fight, but he didn’t win it either. As the challenger, he had the pressure to go after the champion.

A clause in the fight contract stipulated that Pacquiao could get a rematch, if he wants it. Marquez is not sure he’d fight Pacquiao again. Devastated with the loss, he said he may consider retirement.

“I’m frustrated right now,’’ Marquez admitted. “Very frustrated. Honestly, I don’t know what I have to do to change the mind of the judges. I think I won this fight more clearly than the other two.

“I don’t know what happened. What do I need to do? The best judge, for me, is the audience and they responded sensationally for me.’’

It was the 15th straight win for Pacquiao, who earned a minimum of $22 million while improving his record to 54-3-2. Marquez, who earned $5 million, fell to 52-6-1.

A fourth fight could net both fighters comparable money, and more with their share of the pay-per-view revenues. That would be a big incentive for a rematch.

Bill Dwyer of the Los Angeles Times wrote that it took a good 15 minutes after the fight ended before the crowd stopped booing and hissing.

“To many, the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world was outboxed by Marquez, at 38 his senior by six years. Marquez not only stayed with Pacquiao in a heated pace for all 12 rounds, but he seemed to get the best of whatever flurries the two managed in their nonstop jiggling and dancing and feinting.

“Seldom before in boxing has there been a scene where a highly popular champion gets booed loudly and raucously during his post-match interview. Nobody could hear a word of what he said, and nobody seemed to care. They had seen what they had seen,” he wrote.

But boxing fans have short memories. Although talk about the unsavory side of boxing may surface again, all are likely to be forgotten once another big fight comes along.

Pacquiao, who needed 28 stitches to close the cut on his eyebrow, said the result may not be what the fans had expected.

“We have to accept the disappointment of the Mexican fans but that is part of the game. It was close but it was clear to me that I won the fight,” he said.

Just another tease for another fight.

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4 responses to “A Pacquiao-Marquez 4?

  1. Oscar De la Hoya agrees with you Ben. A fourth Pacquiao-Marquez fight will not prove anything, he says, because the outcome will practically be the same as the three previous fights. They are set in their ways – Pacquiao as aggressor, Marquez as counter-puncher. Nothing will change. The Golden Boy should know. Pacquiao sent him to retirement as an illustrious amateur and professional boxer. Then again, as major owner of Golden Boy Promotions, which handles Floyd Mayweathr Jr.,he has his bias. He’d love a huge payday that a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will offer.

  2. You have a point Ben, and I agree with most of what you said. Pacquiao will always have a tough time against Marquez, not because he’s slipping and Marquez is improving in boxing skills. What we have here is the classic difference in style – the aggressor (Pacquiao) and the counter-puncher (Marquez) They are ordered for each other. As long as they hold true to their styles, they always will have a close bout. Now, if one deviates, then who knows what the outcome would be? When Marquez bulked up for their third fight, it was expected, dared even by Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, that the Mexican will have the confidence to mix it up with Pacquiao. He did not. He remained a smart counter-puncher. Marquez gained more weight and agreed to fight at a heavier class so he can TAKE and ABSORB Pacquiao’s punches, not THROW haymakers himself. That’s why he hired a strength coach (albeit controversial, being implicated in some steroid cases in the past). So, a fourth bout will NOT settle the debate over puncher and counter-puncher, but would be interesting enough to make some MONEY. And is it not the whole point?

    • Wala nang dapat patunayan pa si Paquiao laban kay Marquez..If Pacman must box again it should be with Maywheather;.the purse will be bigger if it is money he is after. If not, he should hang up his gloves and move on to his other interests.

  3. After reading Michael Sellers I said my doubts were justified but my suspicions baseless. But I do not think a 4th bout is advisable. It will result in more of the same. If at all, it will be good for Marquez and bad for Pacquiao. Between the two, what is obvious to me is that , it is Marquez who is improving, not Pacquiao. In their 1st bout Marquez went down 3 times, in the 2nd ,once. In this 3rd he stood his ground. A 4th bout will certainly result in a clear Marquez win.Pacquiao is overstrecthed with so many activities. He should retire as a boxer.

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