Hello world! (Again)

Like seeds scattered in the wind, many of us Asians have drifted far from our homeland and landed on foreign soils to germinate and take root. But the longing for home is still there.

While we cast our eyes Eastward, back to those islands in the Pacific where the sun cast its first rays, in the meantime we go through the pursuit of  resources and treasures, and chase the dreams that made us leave our home in the first place.

To most of us, we have found successes – and bore fruits.

And through the magic of modern technology, and the old contacts, we have kept abreast of the events happening in those parts of the world we have left behind.

Let this modest blog then be a part of the network that allows us to stay in touch – with each other and our kins and friends back home, and here in our adopted country  – so we can keep the unquenchable thirst for the old and familiar sated somehow.

For sure there will be many stories. The topics are limitless. From politics, to sports, to cultural events, here and there. We got plenty to talk about. The focus, of course, is Las Vegas, Nevada and nearby areas.

If it’s from the Orient,  it’s worth talking about.  Let’s hop on this train – and let the journey begin!

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